Buried Penis

  • This is the term applied when the penis length is small and buried within the fatty area surrounding it. During erections the penis comes out and the shaft is clearly seen. However when the flaccid (soft) states resumes, it once again shrinks back within the surrounding fatty area giving, once again, a wrinkled appearance of foreskin.
  • Occasionally a circumcision may take place when the penis is small but, yet on the day of the procedure, with a small amount of erection being present, the penis gives the false impression that it is bigger than it normally is. 
  • In such circumstances, should a circumcision be undertaken, there may be some concerns that the procedure has not been undertaken correctly as some skin may still overhangs the glans (head) of the penis. This is not the case.
  •  This appearance can also develop, if a few weeks to months after the procedure, the child develops a large amount of peripubic fat around the area.
  • With time, as the penis grows and develops in size, coupled with a reduction in the associated peripubic surrounding fatty area this normally self-resolves.

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