Complications are rare.

However do take some time to read the following.

Swelling and bruising

  • An inevitable amount of swelling will occur after any circumcision and is a reflection of the local anaesthetic used and the natural healing process.


  • This is rare and you should follow the advice given when you attended for the procedure.


  • This is extremely rare. Often redness, swelling, tenderness are confused for infection, when it is in fact normal inflammation after any surgical procedure.
  • However, should you have any concerns, call the emergency number provided.


  • Many practitioners claim that a circumcision should be a painless procedure, In the vast majority of cases this is indeed the case. However due to variations in body fat, natural anatomical variations and an individuals pain threshold, some patients may be perceived as being in pain during the procedure. If this is the case, during the procedure the doctor will discuss the case with you.
  • Post procedure, once the local anesthetic has worn off, slight discomfort should be expected in the first 12- 24 hours. This can normally be brought under control with over the counter painkillers. Should it be felt that this is not the case, then the emergency number should be called.

Cosmetic Appearance

  • Although every effort is made to ensure a satisfactory cosmetic result, occasionally the post procedure result may give the appearance of residual skin remaining. If this is the case, as the child grows this will normally resolve itself and a second procedure is very rarely required.

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