Freehand (Cut & Stitch) Method

The steps involved are as follows

  • The area is cleaned.
  • Local anaesthetic is injected around the base of the penis
  • Time is given for the local anaesthetic to work.
  • Surgical clips are then applied to the foreskin.
  • The extra foreskin is identified and a clamp is applied to crush this extra foreskin
  • The foreskin is then removed with either the use of a scalpel or a cautery (heat) device.
  • The bleeding areas are now controlled with internal stitches which will not be visible once the procedure has been completed.
  • Further trimming of any residual foreskin is undertaken if required.
  • Finally external stiches are applied in an interrupted fashion which will normally begin to fall off themselves after 2 – 3 weeks.
  • A bandage is then applied around the wound site which completes the procedure.

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